About Us

Our Story

Our story began in early 2019 on Freedom Parkway when a small group decided to meet up with homemade "Honk for Yang" signs. We kept on growing from there and turned into what would be known as the Atlanta Yang Gang, a diverse group of professionals and misfits with a positive approach to politics. We've held rallies, marches, registered voters, phone banked, crossed state lines to canvass, set up tables at tailgates, and more. We were brought together by the vision of a better future. That vision is still alive and we are continuing our grassroots efforts through Humanity Forward Georgia. We are a chapter of Humanity First Movement which is the national organization of former Yang2020 volunteers who work directly with Andrew Yang and Humanity Forward.

Our Vision

Humanity Forward Georgia is committed to the vision of prosperity through human-centered capitalism, in which human value is distinct from monetary value, and the rules of our economy are rewritten to put people first.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure economic justice through promotion of universal basic income, to defend democracy through voter engagement, and to create a culture of organizational partnership and community-building.