What has been going on in georgia

For HFM Georgia, getting to work for the 2021 Senate Runoff was a whirlwind of strong efforts and teamwork; we couldn't have done it without our amazing volunteers!

Park Cleanup on Humanity First Day
Launch of the Letter Writing Parties

We started things off on Humanity First Day with a successful park cleanup event and held our first letter writing party, with a special guest Blair Walsingham. From then, things only picked up in pace.

We continued our efforts with frequent canvassing and GOTV events. Registering voters, passing out information and GOTV-printed bottles of hand-sanitizer, weekly letter writing and coming together at the beltline on Saturdays to get out the vote and wave signs... CNN came out to film our first beltline event, and Andrew Yang himself retweeted our second event!

We have successfully created materials for our pop-up art installation titled "The Graveyard" that raises awareness of many bills that our current Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has blocked. We have displayed it in Atlanta, as well as during a weekend trip to Savannah with our HFGA team!

Throughout our efforts the past months, many members of our team have had the chance to meet both Andrew Yang and Jon Ossoff multiple times! Andrew came to our "Yangsgiving" meal for a surprise visit and Jon showed up at an early voting rally, among other get out the vote events. Humanity Forward GA has been able to work closely with and form a positive relationship with candidates.

But what has really catalyzed the group are our Sunday meetups going over the work, where volunteers are able to exchange experiences and to band together, forming a solid team with a mission. With this, we have been able to expand our reach into cities all over Georgia, and involve volunteers from across the country.

We'll continue to have plenty of events and ways to take action, in-person and virtually even after the 2021 runoff. So be sure to check out the Take Action page for future events!